As spirits marketing experts, our work with LOLEA showcases our innovation in promoting established beverage brands.

Our job?

Boost retail distribution. LOLEA aimed to impress Whole Foods and Sam’s Club buyers with sales potential. Leveraging programmatic targeting, we ran a successful full-funnel media campaign, yielding unprecedented brand outcomes.

We provided a comprehensive media approach:

Media Strategy, Planning & Buying

ARSNL devised a robust digital media plan, covering programmatic, paid social, paid search, and targeting recent store visitors. To ensure program success, we implemented foot traffic and incremental sales studies for accurate attribution.

Ad Campaign Development:

As a seasoned spirits marketing agency, we craft engaging ad campaigns tailored to target audiences. Our on-brand campaigns for Lolea targeted millennials, embodying the brand's essence of fun and unforgettable moments, yielding exceptional metrics surpassing industry standards.

The results?

Our successful sales led LOLEA from a few stores to full rollouts in Sam’s Club and Whole Foods. Our retail activation playbook became the standard for LOLEA and Zamora. Now, our content is globally utilized.

“The best results we’ve had to date on any paid media campaigns.”

Felipe Lobon

Brand Manager, LOLEA

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