New York Blood Centers

A digital donor recruitment playbook and record online bookings.

We deliver outsized media returns

ARSNL is an experienced marketing agency for healthcare services. For New York Blood Center Enterprises, we generated thousands of blood donation appointments each month for fixed and mobile centers on the East Coast and in the Midwest, addressing the critical need for blood in communities everywhere.

Developed during the seismic shift of COVID, our industry-leading healthcare services playbook includes traditional and digital media, with a strong emphasis on defining high potential audiences and geographies within the large NYBCe footprint.

We’ve grown donations from youth

On top of this success, we delivered the most elusive of targets in the blood donation industry and across healthcare services. In conjunction with lead agency Markham Yard which has creative responsibilities, we’ve leveraged full funnel digital campaigns - everything from Twitch to TikTok - as well as paid influencers to reach and activate this audience.

We’ve outperformed the industry

In sum, for the last two years we’ve swung recruitment growth positive, and grown Youth donations in a challenging donor environment.

“ARSNL has developed a deep understanding of our business and what they do has helped us grow faster than other industry players.”

Katie Perez

Account Director, MY/New York Blood Center Enterprises

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